NEW ORIGNAL RR04XL Battery For HP Spectre X360 13-aw Series L60373-005 HSTNN-DB9K

Condition: New Open Box


NEW ORIGNAL RR04XL Battery For HP Spectre X360 13-aw Series L60373-005 HSTNN-DB9K


Compatible HP Laptops:

[Spectre X360 13-AW] S X360 13-aw0000, 0 13-aw0001tu,  13-aw0003nf, Spectre X360 13-aw0003nh, Spectre X360 13-aw0004nf, Spectre X360 13-aw0005TU, Spectre X360 13-aw0009nx, Spectre X360 13-aw0013dx, [ Spectre X360 13-aw0015ng Battery], Spectre X360 13-aw0020ng, Spectre X360 13-aw0020nr, Spectre X360 13-aw0021ng, Spectre X360 13-aw0023dx, Spectre X360 13-aw0030ng, Spectre X360 13-aw0031ng, [ Spectre X360 13-aw0053na Battery], Spectre X360 13-aw0054na, Spectre X360 13-aw0090ca, Spectre X360 13-aw0105nc, Spectre X360 13-aw0106nc, SPECTRE X360 13-AW0148TU, Spectre X360 13-aw0154TU, Spectre X360 13-aw0171tu, [ SPECTRE X360 13-AW0174TU Battery], Spectre X360 13-aw0200nd, Spectre X360 13-aw0204tu, Spectre X360 13-aw0320ng, Spectre X360 13-aw0600nd, Spectre X360 13-aw0610ng, Spectre X360 13-aw0630ng, Spectre X360 13-aw0900.

Battery Type: Li-Polymer

Battery Volt: 15.4V

Battery Capacity: 3744mAh, 60.76Wh

HP P/N: HSTNN-DB9K L60213-2C1 l6037-005 hstnn-ob1m

Compatible Brand:HP RR04XL


Loc:BINA10 (A01


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